7 Sparkling Gifts That Mom Will Treasure

April 25, 2019

7 Sparkling Gifts That Mom Will Treasure

By Chelsea Reed

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Isn’t it wonderful that we get to honor the hardworking Moms, Grandmas, and Mom figures in our lives? Below are some excellent gift ideas from Michael’s Gems and Glass that show them your love and appreciation.

Sterling Silver Larimar OBX Cuff Bracelet

1. OBX Bracelet

Give Mom the gift of happy beach memories! Inspired by the natural beauty of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, this bracelet is handcrafted with sterling silver and genuine Larimar gemstone in the Dominican Republic. From island to island, it’s a nautical treasure she can wear any time of the year.

Sterling Silver Larimar Mermaid Pendant

2. Larimar Mermaid Pendant

Also handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, this gorgeous mermaid will make Mom feel like a Disney princess. Larimar is a fascinating gemstone. The Dominican Republic is the only place in the world it is from. It looks just like the sea, too!

Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

3. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Have you heard? Himalayan salt lamps are super popular in natural health. Their warm glow is also relaxing and perfect for Mom to destress with, displayed on her desk or nightstand. All Himalayan salt lamps from Michael’s Gems are genuine from Pakistan.

Druze Crystal Hearts

4. Crystal Hearts

Any Mom who likes sparkle will be head over heels with these Druze Crystal Hearts. They’re beautiful decorations on tables or furniture, and they’re paperweights too. A great gift idea for the working Mom!

5. Glass Wind Chimes

Encourage Mom to spend “island time” on the porch with these colorful fused glass wind chimes. There’s plenty of styles to suit her taste, and they come in gift boxes too.

 Angelfish Glass Bottle Stopper

6. Glass Bottle Stopper

Don’t forget the bottle stopper when you surprise Mom with the toast! The glass top and o-ring fit almost any sized bottle so you don’t have to do the guesswork. Different styles help personalize the occasion.

Sterling Silver Opal Post Earrings

7. Opal Earrings

These post earrings provide just the right sparkle to highlight Mom’s beauty. Great for first or second piercings, they also work with a variety of outfits. A delightful gift for flexible Moms!

Have you found Mom’s treasure yet? See these items and more selections on our website. You can receive purchased items at your home, or have them sent to the gift recipient. Happy Mother’s Day!

Chelsea Reed is a copywriter who writes blogs, articles, websites, and online content from her base in North Carolina.

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