What are the Best Gift Ideas that Wow Dad?

June 03, 2019

What are the Best Gift Ideas that Wow Dad?

By Chelsea Reed

There’s no doubt about it... Dads are awesome. Teacher, grill master, referee. Handyman, coach, gentleman. Their job description covers a lot... and this Father’s Day is the perfect time to show appreciation for the Dad in your life!

Hard to shop for?

These gifts from Michael’s Gems and Glass are wonderful ideas that are as unique as he is.

Petrified Wood Bookends

1. Petrified Wood Bookends

Did you know petrified wood is actually a gemstone?

It’s the official state gem of Washington. Ancient trees became fossilized... transforming from wood to stone. When polished, petrified wood has a beautiful luster that resembles marble.

It’s a wonderful conversation starter for Dad’s desk in his library or office!

Soapstone Chess Set

2. Soapstone Chess Set

This beautiful set is a great gift for the chess-loving Dad in your life.

It's hand carved from soapstone... a metamorphic rock made mostly of talc. Did you know, the Native Americans used this amazing soft rock to carve cookware for their meals, cooked over the open flame?

You can find more fun facts about soapstone, and talk about them while you’re playing chess together!

Orthoceras Fossil Plaque

3. Orthoceras Plaque

Looking for a gift that’s simple and fascinating at the same time?

An Orthoceras plaque is the perfect find.

Both historical and decorative, these ancient creatures are the ancestors of the modern day squid. When their hard shells became fossilized, a handsome black and white pattern emerged.

Selenite Tower Lamps

4. Selenite Tower

Selenite tower lamps are just right for the Dad who could use a stress reliever.

Their soft white glow is suitable for a desk or night stand. These lamps are made from genuine selenite crystals formed from the mineral gypsum. You can rest assured of the quality and authenticity of our minerals and rocks.

For more inspiration on gift ideas, check out the rest of our products online… and find that memorable memento for Dad this Father’s Day!

Chelsea Reed is a copywriter who writes online content, articles, blogs, and websites from her base in the state of North Carolina, USA.

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